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Sizing Guide


All necklace (including chain and pendant) sizing on our website is listed as the length measurement of the necklace in centimeters (cm). For products with size options such as “Small” and “Large”, the corresponding length measurements in centimeters are also described in the SPECS section. 


We sell a wide range of sizes from female chokers to long chains. On each product page there are model fitting photos to show how different sizes will fit on men and women. Choose the size based on your desired look.


Please note: it is highly suggested to measure your neck circumference beforehand to make sure that you don’t buy any item too small. We recommend choosing sizes at least 2-3cm bigger than your neck measurement so that there is some room for movement.


All bracelet sizing on our website is listed as the length measurement of the bracelet in centimeters (cm). Follow the steps below to determine your size.


  1. Wrap a piece of string (or a strip of paper) around your wrist.
  2. Pinch the spot where the end meets and mark this spot on the string using a pen.
  3. Measure the distance from the end of the string to the marking you have made against a ruler in cm.
  4. Add 1-4cm for a comfortable fit. Note that the number you add depends on how tight or loose you would like to wear your bracelet.
  5. Compare the final number with our size options. If you are in between two similar sizes it is always better to size up rather than down.