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Creator Reward Program

Introducing the Lancer Creator Reward Program

Create contents

Tag us on socials

Earn rewards at different levels

No follower threshold at all

It is simple as that



What It Is

We love to see how each of you presents your Lancer pieces with your own unique style and aesthetic and all kinds of creative possibilities you can come up with

So here comes the Lancer Creator Reward Program

No geographical / country / age / gender restrictions

No creative limits

No follower threshold

Each of you is unique

As long as you have the desire to create and express

We are here to see and to hear

Your creation

Your energy

Your fearless self-expression

Our togetherness

How It Works



  1. Take photos or videos featuring your Lancer products.
  2. Make a feed post (not a story) on Instagram.
  3. Tag in both post and caption: Tag @lanceraccessories in your post and mention @lanceraccessories in the caption.
  4. Drop us an Instagram message: Share your new post to our Instagram account. Include your email address in the message and indicate that this post is for the creator reward program. If this is not the first post you have created for the reward program, please let us know in the message how many times this is so that we can give you the corresponding reward.
  5. You will be sent an email or an Instagram message containing your rewards within 72 hours of your post being approved.
  6. If your message remains unseen and you have not received any email after 72 hours of your message being sent, please email us at [email protected] with the subject “Creator Reward Program – Instagram – Your username”, we will look into it as soon as possible.



1st & 2nd  Post


Any Post

15% Discount

Likes 300+

25% Discount

Likes 1500+

One free product of your choice (among specific items)

(Please do not use bots for fake likes. We reserve the right to revoke the reward if we determine that the number of likes is questionable)



5th Post

Any post – 40€ Site Credit



10th Post

Any post – One free product of your choice (among specific items)


Post Rules & Content Guidelines

  • Posts must have tagged and mentioned @lanceraccessories in both post and caption on Instagram. Tags must be visible and clickable.
  • Posts must be made from public accounts that have previous posts.
  • Posts must prominently feature Lancer products.
  • Posts must include Lancer products in the first photo if it consists of a group of photos.
  • Posts must not feature or tag competing jewelry or accessories brands.
  • Posts must be original content that has never been posted previously.
  • The content of the post should be in high definition without being blurry.
  • No restrictions on your creativity – unboxing, styling, trying-on, product review, photos of yourself with your Lancer pieces, or aesthetic still life product photos. We’d love to see anything in your mind, but remember to show us your Lancer pieces up close and clear, we love to see the details!
  • If you plan to make multiple posts for the reward program, to ensure that each post will be counted, the content of each post must not be essentially the same or highly similar.
  • Posts must be owned by the creator.

Content Example

Creator Reward Program Photo
Creator Reward Program Photo


When & where will I receive rewards?

Rewards will be sent to you via email or Instagram direct message within 72 hours of your post being approved.


How can I use my rewards?

For discounts and site credit rewards, a unique, one-time use code that cannot be combined with other offers and promotions will be sent to your email or your Instagram messages. If there are usage limitations, those will be specified in the email/message you receive. Simply apply these codes at checkout to obtain the corresponding discount or reduction in the price.


For free products, we will email or DM you a list of specific items for you to choose from once your post is approved. After you have made your choice, please reply to our email or message stating the item you have picked. We will then send you store credit equivalent to the amount of the product you selected. Please note that we do not cover shipping costs, and we are not responsible for any duties and taxes that may be incurred at customs.


Can I get rewards for posting on other social platforms?

At this moment our Creator Reward Program only offers rewards for Instagram posts, but we always love to see what you are creating on any platform!


Are Instagram Stories and Reels included?

Instagram Stories are not included in the program and do not qualify for rewards. Reels are eligible only when you choose to share them to feed. This means that Reels are not eligible for our reward program if they are not shown as a post on your main feed.


How do I ensure my post is valid?

Ensure that you are posting from a public account, tagging the right brand in the right place, your Lancer pieces can be seen clearly, and all the post rules and content guidelines listed above are met.

Terms & Conditions

  • Rewards are only eligible for posts that meet all the post rules listed above.
  • Lancer has full content rights to the Creator Reward Program and may use reward member content for marketing purposes with no expiration date.
  • Lancer may update the Creator Reward Program at any time.